Transform Simple Image into a Fascinating 360° Panorama View with Algori 360 Image WordPress Plugin

Transform Simple Image into a Fascinating 360° Panorama View with Algori 360 Image WordPress Plugin

Very recently, I stumbled upon a wonderful WordPress plugin – Algori 360 Image, which I found can easily transform your simple or wide-angled images into a beautiful 360° panorama view 😮 , and it felt so fascinating that I couldn’t resist writing on it, so I decided to test it, review it and share it here with you.

After installation and activation of the plugin, I tested an image and the result that came out was quite impressive. The plugin did the job nicely and kept its promise. You can see the results below.


Press left click and roll your mouse over the image. Test Here.

Test for the Plugin is moved to New Page, Click Here.

Pretty! isn’t that?  As you can see how beautiful these images look after transformation into a 360° view. I personally found it quite interesting and playful.

How this plugin works:

The plugin Algori 360 Image, is very simple and easy to use after you install and activate the plugin, the only thing you have to do is select “360° Image” Gutenberg block in WP Editor and add your image to it. See the screenshot below for a quick overview:

The plugin Algori 360 Image supports JPG image format and it is the best plugin for creating a 360 panorama view for your images either it’s a simple image, 360 one or a wide-angled one).

Plugin Features & Facts:

  • Supports Gutenberg: Algori 360 Image is a Gutenberg Enabled Block Plugin that appears with the name “360° Image” in the section “Common Blocks”.
  • Compatible with all modern browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge and Safari
  • Supports JPG Image Format
  • Supports both Mouse and Touch, so that means that work in all the devices.
  • Supports Zoom but only with touchscreens.
  • Supports VR (Virtual Reality) headsets such as Vive, Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, Daydream, GearVR, and Cardboard.

The plugin “Algori 360 Image” is totally perfect if you are looking for something that can easily transform your images into a 360° panorama view. The plugin supports one image transformation per page/post, and that’s the only thing that can be improved in this plugin so users can transform multiple images in a single page or post.

You can download the plugin by clicking below, or you can visit to download it from there.


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