The terms here are not to put you in difficulties but to avoid deceitful practices, and to keep our’s and related entities’ sides safe, and also to maintain a healthy digital environment.

Here we and our refers to CreativeCodecraft. The name and the title is CreativeCodecraft, and the site URL is www.creativecodecraft.com

Use of Our Branding

The use of our branding is allowed for attributing us but not for anything else. Our branding includes our Name which is CreativeCodecraft, Our Logos (Including the initial concepts), our site URL, our site layout and design, etc.

Use of the Content

Our content consists of almost everything in the site. All posts, pages, visuals, text, etc.

Read and share the content freely. If you are sharing our content over personal sites or over any site that doesn’t automatically include the attribution then you must include the attribution manually (Our Site Name, and URL).

Editing, Redistribution, and Misuse of our content not allowed.

Other than reading or sharing the content over social media via our site links, for any queries send email to media@creativecodecraft.com

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Template Download & Use Terms

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