Privacy Policy

We respect the privacy of people who connect with us in any of the ways, either through the contact form, or through direct email contact, or through the email subscription form here at CreativeCodecraft.

Information Privacy and Safety

All the private information like names and emails of the connected people are quite private and safe with us unless those are get stolen or lost on the servers, and this is something you will have to understand and abide by.

How We Use the Information

We use that private information only to deal with the respective people, this can be a communication or sending a newsletter to the subscribers.

What Rights We Possess?

We possess the right to share the information if seek by the concerned authorities, we also possess the right to use the data for our various business concerns, and all this remains unquestionable without putting any liability on us.

Data Tracking and 3rd Party Scripts

We use Google Analytics to count the visitor, to know their locations, and to learn about some more similar facts, learn here about Google Analytics. We also use various other plugins and 3rd party scripts to make the site perform better, and those plugins or scripts are quite safe for the digital environment (what we know so far), but still, they might track the information except the sensitive ones to learn the user behaviour and to know some basic facts about the user, so this is something you will have to abide by for the tracking policy.

Liability, Queries, and Support

We can never be questioned and we do not hold any liability for anything. But still, by our own choice, we are always ready to help the people who seek support from us for their privacy issues related to CreativeCodecraft.

[Last Updated 29 AUG 2020]