Meet Chasing Dory, the Compact & Slim Underwater Drone

The underwater drone Chasing Dory perfectly meets the standards of advanced underwater tech and modern product design sense. Its colors are picked smartly and sensibly to go along with the underwater sea creatures and as well to discriminate it from them. The alien look that it gives when its lights are turned on really looks futuristic and wonderful, now it might be a different perspective if fishes get startled by this.

Chasing Dory is small in size and light in weight, and its really easy to play it around. It costs $500 excluding the pack-bag, and it claimed to be delivered anywhere in the world.

Key Facts about Chasing Dory:

Small Size & Portability, 1 Hour Run Time, GPS Wi-Fi Buoy, 15 Meter Tether, Fully Water-Proof, Customizable Visual Effects, and 1080p f/.6 Lens