The KAUST – Architecturally Designed Science And Technology Lab

Architectural Concepts for Buildings and Homes have become a very needy requirement, no matter how better they are but life becomes far better and more forwarding with them, they open unique dimensions in life, and not only in living but also in working aspect of life.

Today, I am acquainting you with the KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) which is a unique and wonderfully designed Lab, situated in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia. It is claimed to be the one in the world’s most advanced collection of Labs, where researches happen for confronting the most urgent scientific challenges related to energy and environment.

Architectural Highlights of the Building:

Focus on Illumination of the Campus, Custom Desert Landscape (Crafted as per the team needs), and Integrated Engineering Systems. KAUST has 27 buildings inside it, and they’re all interconnected and served from a coin base.



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