Email Subscription Terms

Here, the text terms like we, and our refer to CreativeCodecraft (

CreativeCodecraft is an inspiration site and a creative blog where we feature sites, apps, templates, and also provide valuable information through articles and the blog. We also allow people to subscribe their email addresses to receive the newsletters and other similar updates from CreativeCodecraft. People can subscribe their emails with an email subscription form provided on the site. This email subscription process is OTP based, so it means that a person can not subscribe without email verification that happens by using the OTP received to that specific email address. And all this makes the subscription process quite genuine, and only those people do that effort who are purely interested in reading the content.

In the subscription form, we clearly mention that by subscribing you agree with our email subscription terms, that are as below:

  1. We can never be questioned for anything, and we do not hold any liability also for anything.
  2. Personal information like the names and email addresses that we receive through the subscription form is quite private and safe with us except the rare cases of data loss or stolen, and this is something you will have to abide by.
  3. We possess the right to use the data for our site and related business concerns.

Other than name and email address, we also capture the user’s ip address and time for the subscription made for a record purpose.

With agreeing to the above email subscription terms, you can proceed ahead with your email subscription to receive our newsletters and related updates.

[Email Subscription Terms Last Updated – 29 AUG 2020]