Blog Update #2 – First 100 Days of 2020

Blog Update #2 – First 100 Days of 2020

Corona Disaster

1 Minute Silence and Our Condolences: We can not be too happy in sharing what we achieved in the first 100 days of 2020 where humanity lost its 95506 lives (+-) as of 10th April 2020 because of Corona Pandemic. Please stay safe, stay healthy and avoid disease. God Bless Humanity.

The Blog Post Starts Now – First 100 Days of 2020, and this is What We Did

In the first 100 days of 2020, we published a total of 136 Posts which also include a few posts that will not be in our niche anymore. These 136 posts included 25 Best Websites for Design Inspiration, 15 Multipurpose and Blog WordPress Themes, 9 Useful & Interesting WordPress Plugins, 5 Short & Precise Tips for Webmasters, 19 Wonderful Fonts, 2 Graphics Templates (Only from Graphic Pie), 7 Best HTML Templates, 6 Articles, 9 Editorials and 39 other posts related with discontinued categories.

Artwork Will be Discontinued… It is kind of unfortunate for us to say that we have held-off on the postings related to the Artwork category (Paintings, Digital Art, and Photography). 🙁

What’s bizarre that came out of us

We created our About page for the first time and almost after the two years since we launched in 2018. This is really bizarre that it took almost two years for us to understand ourselves and tell the world about us. But Still, we are happy for knowing who we are in actuality.

What’s Big that Went Out of the Park

Just a day before, we published a huge article on Minimalism in Websites, in this article we tried to explain in short the meaning and benefits of minimalism for websites along with the 30 Best Examples of Minimal Websites for Inspiration. It was really a tough job to collect and compile those 30 examples from the various resources. It included long research, multiple checks, 30 screenshots’ capturing & adjustments and much more. The article is worth exploration if you are a fan of minimal websites.

What We Recommend

Here are our recommendations for themes, plugins, fonts, templates, knowledge and website inspiration:-

Recommended Free WordPress Blog Themes – If you want to start a simple blog in any niche, then we recommend the following themes –

  1. Arimo Lite
  2. Esfahan
  3. Chique (Unique)
  4. Elen

Recommended Fonts:

  1. For Sans-Serif – Baloo Chettan 2
  2. For Serif – Ibarra Real Nova
  3. For Display Type – Homeday

Recommended WordPress Plugins:

  1. Guidepoblocst WordPress Plugin – It will generate the article’s jump links automatically. It’s a Gutenberg block plugin.
  2. Gutenbee – It adds some interesting Gutenberg blocks in the editor, Image Comparison (Before and After) is one of them.
  3. Wp Munich Blocks – Just like the Gutenbee, it also adds some valuable Gutenberg blocks in the editor like pricing tables, accordion tabs, sections with split content, or an event section.

Recommended Websites for Design & Layout Inspiration:

  1. Droplr – For A Clean, and Complete Layout Design
  2. Cross or Croak – For Online – Gaming Fun
  3. Polestar – For Urban & Minimal Website Inspiration
  4. Okka – For Product Website Inspiration

Recommended Article for Knowledge: This article is for the people who run their site on WordPress and use Contact Form 7, it’s about saving all the form submitted messages into the site database, so even if the mail servers fail the site owners will not loose those sent messages (through the contact form 7).

That’s All Guys.

Thanks for bearing us so far! Through this article, we tried to acquaint you with some of the valuable resources, and also with us.

To become social with us, you will have to connect with us through emails, we are not a Twitter or Facebook type guy, so if you have any suggestions or feedback, then contact us here and stay tuned for the next updates.

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