Blog Update #1 – A throwback on the last year 2019

Blog Update #1 – A throwback on the last year 2019

A lot happened in the last year, even from the beginning, the site was started as a design services provider but later it got converted into a full-time media website, and during that time, a multiple-times the categories and media types were changed, and things went really bad in the last 6 months of 2019 for CreativeCodeCraft. But it wasn’t always bad at least not in all the aspects, because a lot of lessons are learned during that time.

In the last year, the site’s Google PageRank hiked from 1 to 2, Alexa ranking improved along with DA and PA. Backlinks were always fluctuating and so do the backend minds were, but anyways focus has been and always will be on improving the site more and more to provide a better interface to the viewers and more credit to the creators.

What Was Achieved in 2019 –

  • A Better Google Pagerank, Domain Authority, Page Authority, and improved Alexa Ranking
  • 2 Articles really were at the top, all together they generated more than 450,000 impressions in Google (That also includes images display).
  • Reviewed the Seobility, and that review article appeared more than 14,000 times in the google and gained a lot of popularity.
  • Published 44 Websites, 57 Inspiration Posts that include Branding & Logos, Illustration and Photography.
  • More than 100 designers and artists were featured through Inspiration postings! And that went quite motivating for me and my site.
  • And a few lessons from Google, Society and Time

The most shocking event – At the start of 2020, the site was hacked, and multiple URLs were submitted to Google, and that really went bad, but I fixed the site first and then all the pages in Google.

Improvements in early 2020 – Following improvements are made on the site at the early start of 2020 –

  • The overall layout and design improvements
  • Neatly arranged header menu Bar
  • Improved category structure and management, some categories were in and some were out, and I am working still on this part as I can see there is a space for more improvement. I am also going to include Art & Creation in Inspiration Category, while still need to remove some old categories.
  • Increased Thumbnail Size (1200×900 and others based on this ratio)
  • One universal format for all the posts! (That will stay a secret always) 🙂

There are a lot of opportunities on CreativeCodeCraft for seekers, learners, and creators, and for this, I will share some more words in our next blog post! Stay connected, Stay Blessed, and Follow Us!

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