Blog Update #3 – 15 Sites for Inspiration, and a few templates

Blog Update #3 – 15 Sites for Inspiration, and a few templates

Welcome to the Blog Update #3, In the last 24-36 hours, we made a few changes on the site, published 15 websites for design inspiration, and 5 templates which include 2 HTML Templates, 1 WordPress Theme, and 2 Serif Fonts. Details are as below:

15 Websites for Design Inspiration

  1. SundaySupply – We published it in Products, E-Commerce, and Lifestyle Category. The site is an online store mainly for selling umbrellas.
  2. MyWony – Mywony is a fashion and design agency for Wedding Dresses. The site is worth seeing for incredible inspiration. Mywony website is designed by Tubik Studio.
  3. Cordoba Guitars – The site is about Music Instruments and mainly the Guitars.
  4. Stuone – It’s a personal portfolio website, it’s simple and clean, yet has some amazing illustrative work.
  5. Design4Retail – It’s a Design Agency, and the site of Design4Retail is pretty good especially when you looking for some modern website design inspiration. Other sites we published are:
  6. SeedLegals
  7. Auzou – Children Books
  8. Akua
  9. Brown Owl Creative
  10. Lightbox Entertainment
  11. Art Partner
  12. Zyliss Kitchenware
  13. Ade-Architecture
  14. GNO Well Being
  15. and Manrope

2 HTML Templates that we published are

  1. Instylr – Free Fashion HTML Template
  2. Laura – A Personal Portfolio HTML Template

1 WordPress Theme

  1. MT Writer – This is a pretty cool Free WordPress Blog Theme, with its help you can setup an instant blog and start doing the blogging.

2 Serif Fonts

  1. Made Bon Voyage
  2. Florence

If you like Serif Fonts, then these two might amaze you for sure. You can use above fonts in headings, graphics, magazines, and print media.

We always try to get you the best and authentic stuff, the sites that we mentioned above are handpicked after a check, and they truly can inspire you with their design, the templates and a single wordpress mentioned above are worth to try only if you are looking for.

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