Birds Are Beautiful [Part 1] – Featuring Eric Lafforgue’s Birds Photography

Birds are beautiful, Yes indeed they are! Whether flying on the tops of the sky or resting on the branches of the trees, they all look beautiful and truly attract.

This is the first part of Birds Are Beautiful, and positively, we are thinking to make it a long-run series of articles and videos.

Part 1 of the Birds Are Beautiful features 10 photographs of different-different birds by Eric Lafforgue, a very popular and legendary photographer, there is a Wikipedia page that mentions everything about him and his works, and the internet is no less filled with the words admiring Eric Lafforgue. Born in France, Eric Lafforgue had a transformative career, while the main & photography part began in 2006, and very shortly his works got recognized by the top magazines worldwide, and today he works with the top media companies like National Geographic, Der Spiegel, Le Monde, Lonely Planet, Times and more…

Let’s Meet the Birds featured in Part 1 of the Birds are Beautiful –

Sorry, but the photo storyline stops here, we can feel you might have wanted to see more, and for that stay tuned for the next part of Birds are Beautiful. Also, you can subscribe to our newsletter, or follow us on twitter.

These birds were truly beautiful, weren’t they? Well Thanks to Eric Lafforgue for capturing these awesome bird photos, we are truly delighted to see them.

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