5 Simple HTML Templates for a Quick & Easy Website Launch

5 Simple HTML Templates for a Quick & Easy Website Launch

Launching a Website Quick & Easy Can be Difficult sometimes, but if followed the right steps it becomes very convenient. Let’s say an idea came into your mind for launching a new site for your business, then what to do? See below!

How to launch a website quick & easy – Well here is a quick and short guide in 2-3 lines starting with – buy a domain first, buy a hosting plan, connect both of them (DNS), add your domain by using Cpanel of Hosting (a directory will be generated that way), create an FTP account for this domain, download Filezilla, setup FTP on Filezilla, find some Free & Simple HTML Templates, edit them as per the business requirements, upload template files to FTP and there you go, Website is Live! Hurray!! If you feel like to get inspiration for web designs, then I already have collected 100s of sites here for your web design inspiration.

5 Simple HTML Templates –

Now here, I provide you quick and valuable assistance that can save your time that was to be spent on finding the right HTML Templates for your website. So I have compiled a list of 10 Best, Free and Simple HTML Templates that can help you for quick and easy website setup. Here they are –

The simple HTML templates that are featured above, are handpicked from the best and they are simple indeed yet designed so elegantly that you will find yourself stranded in their enchantment spell when you look at them even for once. More templates will be added soon, so stay tuned with the article.

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