Kiki – A Conscious, Learning Robot Sidekick

Kiki – A Conscious, Learning Robot Sidekick

About Kiki

Kiki is a cute female robot, designed and manufactured by Zoitic AI. It acts as a companion of you at your home. It’s an AI Robot, but not an ordinary one, it is a conscious, self-learning and ever-evolving robot. Its personality development is based on the interaction it makes with you over time.

Out of the box, all baby Kikis start the same, but as time goes by, they develop unique traits that make them different from each other.

Features & Facts

Kiki is powered by advanced robotics and artificial intelligence. Check below what she can do:

Kiki can be a very good and exciting companion especially when you don’t have one. And above all, you will not have to arrange food and doctor visits for taking care of her. She will only require her battery charged to stay alive and entertain you. So overall, it can be a very good deal to have her with you.

More Details

You can pre-order and get more details about kiki by clicking below.

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