Why Google Chrome is showing “Not Secure” alert onto my website URL?

Why Google Chrome is showing “Not Secure” alert onto my website URL?

If Google Chrome is showing “not secure” text near your website address in web address bar, it means your website do not have a secure connection, and it is not safe for people to visit your website, especially when they are exchanging some sensitive information like identity details, passwords or credit/debit card details. It makes easy for attackers / hackers to steal and modify such sensitive information from a website which is not secure.

Basically a website which is not secure, it means it do not have a private connection between you and the website, and it means the information that you will pass or get through the website is not encrypted, and can easily be stolen by attackers.

How to Fix it?

Its very simple, you will have to get and install SSL Certificate on your website which will enable https for your website and establish secure and encrypted communication between your website and its visitors. And this way your website becomes safe and secure to visit, and as well the security warnings will be removed from all the browsers.

What is an SSL Certificate and how to get it for a website?

In brief, SSL Certificate is a combined set of information about Certificate Holder/Buyer, It’s Serial Number, Expiration Date, Public Key and a Digital Signature of the certificate-issuing authority.

SSL Certificate is an intangible product just like a domain or hosting. To make your website secure, you will have to buy it and install it into the hosting setup of your website. It will enable and activate HTTPS for your website.

There are companies and sites that are selling SSL Certificates for websites from low to high prices. Even if you checkout, you might find that your hosting provider or domain registrar is selling SSL Certificates (HTTPS). If they aren’t, then look for sites or companies selling SSL Certificates. Some of the popular companies that sell SSL Certificates are GoDaddy, Hostgator, Comodo, BlueHost, Name.com and many more.

How to Install SSL Certificate in Website after its purchase?

SSL Certificates are installed into hosting settings of a website, and that installation process varies from one to another depending upon the settings and layout of your hosting provider.

How much time does it take to enable HTTPS for the website once the SSL Certificate is installed?

Generally, it takes from 10 minutes to 7 days or more, depending upon the services, and terms of the certificate provider.

Need more help?

If you need more help in regard to SSL Certificate, its settings, or enabling HTTPS for a website, I request you to send your queries to info@creativecodecraft.com and I will be able to help you out personally.

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