How to get an SSL Certificate at a low price for your website?

How to get an SSL Certificate at a low price for your website?

Hello Guys, Hope you are having a wonderful time. I am very glad here to share some of my knowledge and experience, that can save you some money on SSL purchase.

As you know SSL Certificate Installation into a website has become very important if you do not want to get it tagged as “not secure” in Google Chrome and the other browsers. So its better to purchase SSL and install it into the website. A website labeled as not secure leaves a bad impression on its visitors and might cause loss of business and it’s goodwill.

First know this, the SSL is bought for two purposes, one is to make the website actually safe with a higher level of encryption, so the buyers don’t really worry here for the cost, but another purpose to buy SSL Certificate is to remove the “Not Secure” warning displayed by Google Chrome for the websites that do not have HTTPS or say SSL Certificate installed. So I am here sharing some deals and offers that can save you money on the purchase of SSL Certificate for your website. But note that they might not come with a higher level of encryption, but for sure they will enable “HTTPS” in your website, and the “not secure and similar warnings” will be removed from the browsers.

Here are some attractive SSL Certificate deals. See below –

FromSSL NamePriceSecurity Assurance
GoGetSSLGGSSL Domain SSL Certificate$4.90/yrLowVisit Website
SSLS.COMPositive SSL (DV)$5.88/yrLowVisit Website
Comodosslstore.comPositive SSL (DV)$7.27/yr*LowVisit Website
Name.comComodo Essential SSL (DV)$9.99/yr*LowVisit Website
SSLS.COMEssential SSL$14.88/yr*MediumVisit Website
HostGatorDomain Validated SSL$35.99/yr*LowVisit Website
RapidSSLRapidSSL Certificates$59/YrLowVisit Website
GoDaddyDV, OV and EV SSL$75/yr*HighVisit Website
SectigoStrongest SHA2 & ECC Encryption$94/yr*HighVisit Website

I have shared here the price range between $6 to $94 for SSL Certificates, hope you liked them. So if you are a person who wants to invest as low as possible in SSL, then you can choose the low price packages or if you are a person who can invest up to $100 a year in SSL for the website, then I recommend you to go either for GoDaddy or Sectigo plan.

There are more than 100s of companies on the internet selling SSL Certificates throughout the world, and they all got different packages from each other, so if you find yourself stuck for SSL purchase or its installation into the website, then I am always here for help, you can contact me through email, or through the contact form on the website.

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