Business Growth can be achieved by Sponsoring Nonprofit Events

Businesses around the nation employ different tactics to drive business growth. Some modern ways to do so include reaching your target audience, increase customer loyalty, and leverage a customer relationship management system.

Well, today consumers are more and more concerned about their communities and the company’s involvement within them. This is were sponsoring nonprofit events can have a positive impact not only on driving business growth but also on employee satisfaction. Our Dallas custom software company has made it a priority to give back to young entrepreneurs through a kickstart non-profit event called Codelaunch. While it arguably involves more face-to-face interaction with members of society, its return on investment is one of your businesses will want to reap.  

Benefits of Sponsoring Nonprofit Events 

Supporting a nonprofit is beneficial for both the organization and the business helping it; this value must be made clear before the exchange takes place. Companies sponsor nonprofit events for numerous reasons, and those intentions can typically be linked to one or more of the following benefits: 

  • Brand awareness 
  • Brand recognition 
  • Brand equity

Brand Awareness 

This is drawing the attention of consumers by being aware of the values that your business contributes to society. When businesses sponsor charities, those that attend the nonprofit’s events or volunteer with the organization can become aware of the company’s brand and this could not only help with expanding your business horizons but also bring in future partners for the next event.

Brand Recognition 

Seeing something more than once can impact a buyer’s decisions. That’s why remarketing works so well! When people distinguish the correlation between the charitable organization and the business, it boosts the company’s reputation due to an association with the nonprofit. This can lead to partnerships and an increase in customer retention. Customers love to see a company who they buy from taking social responsibilities into their own matters. One example of this would be Toms, they do a very good job with clearly stating their mission statement which is to help improve lives through business. They hold themselves accountable, which is why it is one of their biggest marketing propositions. As you can see this is a win-win situation that Toms is leveraging on by giving back through their success.

Brand Equity 

Companies can close sales easier when sponsoring charitable events according to this article by Due to brand equity, community members may make a purchase, which in turn increases the business’ revenue. Conversely, nonprofits ultimately benefit financially from the monetary support of sponsors. Charitable organizations often raise money used to fulfill its vision by hosting events throughout the year. Oftentimes attendees and sponsors can contribute to the nonprofit at these events, as well as celebrate its accomplishments, and recognize important milestones, donors, and more. Upon gaining sponsorship, nonprofits often receive monetary support from sponsors in exchange for the factors listed above.

Ways to Connect

Thousands of nonprofit organizations exist within the United States and each has been developed with different missions, values, and beneficiaries in mind.  If you want to drive business growth by sponsoring nonprofit events, there are a few ways to discover local organizations seeking help from nearby businesses.  

Share your interest and see what the process is to become a sponsor. If the nonprofit has already expressed a need, tell them how your business can support the cause. 

Social Media

Nonprofit organizations are businesses, too. You can check out local nonprofits’ social media profiles to see what they’ve been posting lately. The tax-exempt charities often use social media platforms to: 

  • share how they are helping others 
  • express needs for resources 
  • spread awareness of the cause 
  • raise funds 
  • and more 

Volunteer Matching Websites 

Organizations need volunteers and people need or want volunteer experience. Some businesses, religious organizations, and even schools require members to volunteer somewhere in the community. Volunteer matching sites help people find nonprofit volunteering opportunities. Site visitors can learn about the organization’s mission, needs, and more. This helps people learn about nearby opportunities and whether the organization is the right fit for them to support. 

One popular volunteer matching website with a fitting name is VolunteerMatch

Friends, Family, and Colleagues

A simple way to learn about nearby nonprofits interested in sponsorship is by asking the people around you. Nearly one-quarter of Americans volunteer, so, it’s likely someone within your social circle can provide you with some information about an organization they have volunteered at or currently support.

Ways to Drive Business Growth by Sponsoring Charitable Events 

Once you’ve found a nonprofit organization to support, you can begin driving business growth by sponsoring the events it holds. Here are a few ways to share your involvement with a charity, as well as raise awareness of the organization.  

Use social media

The nonprofit’s media and online presence can be used to your advantage.  Post on your business’ social media platforms before, during, and after the event. Throughout each stage, remember to use the event hashtag – if there is one – along with anything you share pertaining to the event. Here are some content ideas:


  • Repost a promotional graphic with the event details on it. Mention that you’re sponsoring the event and encourage your followers to attend or support the cause.  
  • Share the event page – or Facebook event – to encourage followers to learn more and join you at the event. 
  • Use the event hashtag along with anything you share pertaining to the event. 
  • Offer details about exciting things that will take place at the event such as celebrity appearances, giveaways, raffles, and so on. 

During :

  • Post photos and fun videos of company employees at the event. 
  • Shoot a picture of your company if it’s displayed on an event decoration such as a banner. 
  • Share the event itinerary for followers to see what you’re doing there.


  • Recap your time at the event by writing a status or blog post about your key takeaways. 
  • Post photos and videos that you haven’t already shared or repost photos from the nonprofit’s event page. 
  • Share the impact you helped create by mentioning important facts and figures you learned at the event.

Employee Morale

Employees love to work with a company that has social responsibilities and with similar values to theirs. When employers see the company they are working for regularly donate to charitable causes, it could help increase workplace productivity. There was actually a study done by the University of Warwick, that when productivity increases, so do positivity within the employers and management.

Defines your brand identity

In today’s world, your brand means more than anything when it comes to business success. If you look at some of the top companies in the world today, it’s because of the brand that they have built around their values and morals. You need to have a clear brand positioning in order to really captivate your target audience and employers who will identify themselves with your beliefs. The charitable actions of your business can be part of your brand positioning. This helps employees and customers identify your brand’s image and could make that difference when deciding who to hire for their next project or service.

Actively engage with the community

At the end of the day, there is more value than simply increasing your business revenue, but the satisfaction you get from helping the community around you. It’s the positive impact that your brand could have on hundreds and thousands of people. By taking time out of your day to volunteer with others in your organization can provide positive morale and have a big difference from helping other businesses prosper or simply giving back to the community that helped you succeed. For example Code Authority host a yearly non-profit event called, CodeLaunch. This event was designed and created to give up and coming entrepreneurs the chance to win the revenue they would need to start and create their innovative business idea from scratch. We created this event because we felt like there was a lack of support in our community for up and coming entrepreneurs who just needed the opportunity to be heard. This event has helped several businesses create and develop the dream they had always envisioned. We take great pride in being able to give back and help other young businessmen and women get in the right direction in funding their startups.

Sponsor a Charitable Organization Today

Without the collaboration between the sponsor and charitable organization, those in need could go without the help and support they need. Combined efforts of the nonprofit and sponsoring business can affect community members in a positive way. Your business can give back to the community by becoming invested in the success of local or national nonprofit organizations. Charitable donations of time, money, and resources are often appreciated by nonprofits because it helps them continue their positive services to thousands of people daily. So to conclude, sponsoring a charitable event can certainly help drive business growth but there is so much more than simply money and that is having a positive impact on real people. Your support expands past business and into the lives of many who may not have the tools and resources that you may have had.

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