5 Fantastic Tools for Website Analysis and SEO Check

5 Fantastic Tools for Website Analysis and SEO Check

The SEO Statistics mirrors the real performance of a website in a search engine (Mainly Google Obvious), and these stats are dynamic in nature. SEO Stats are measured on the scale of DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority), Backlinks, Broken Links, Spam Score, Website Responsiveness, Website Pageload Speed, Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, and sometimes SEO Score. (SEO Score results differently based on the checker tool)

There are multiple site rank checker tools available on the internet, and some are easy, and some are complicated. So based on research and my personal test experience, I will reveal those 5 tools that can help you to know your website’s basic SEO stats and motivate you to take further actions for the betterment of your website.

So here we are with the 5 Fantastic tools that can help to analyze your website and its SEO

1. Link Explorer by MOZ

Visit MOZ’s Link Explorer

Link Explorer is a Free SEO Tool developed and backed by MOZ. It is one of the best tools to check and analyze your website’s SEO, yet it only provides 10 trials a month to test your website, and user registration will be required to take those free trials. Link Explorer by MOZ can help you to know the followings:

  1. DA and PA (Domain Authority and Page Authority)
  2. Unique External Linking Domains
  3. Inbound Links
  4. Ranking Keywords
  5. Chart of Metrics Overtime for DA, PA, and Linking Domains
  6. Other Stats

2. SEO Analyzer by Neil Patel

Visit Website

SEO Analyzer by Neil Patel reveals you some very good information about your website, like –

  1. On-Page SEO Score
  2. Organic Monthly Traffic
  3. Organic Keywords
  4. Backlinks
  5. Health Check of Site Pages
  6. Site Speed Report for Desktop and Mobile Both
  7. SEO Issues (if there are any).
  8. Recommendations to fix the issues.

The SEO Report they display has a pleasant layout, which is very comfortable to see and read, which means uncongested. So overall, SEO Analyser by Neil Patel is a very good SEO Stats Checker Tool.

3. Woorank

Visit Woorank

Woorank checks almost every stat of your website and based on those stats, it also displays a performance score.

Woorank website reviewer tool helps you to know the followings –

  1. Performance Score (Based on all stats)
  2. SEO Analysis (Title, Content Analysis, Metas, Robots.txt, and Links analysis)
  3. Structural Data (Like Scheme.org etc.)
  4. Mobile Visibility
  5. Server Stats
  6. Backlinks
  7. Social Media Data
  8. Visitors Overview

4. Checkpagerank.net

Visit CheckPageRank.Net

Checkpagerank.net is one of the old and most popular site analysis tools. It provides very valuable information for a website, like –

  1. Google Page Rank
  2. cPR Score
  3. Domain Authority, Page Authority
  4. Global Rank, Alexa Rank
  5. SPAM Score
  6. All types of Backlinks
  7. PR Quality
  8. Server Stats
  9. Listing Status in Google Directory, and DMOZ

5. Seobility SEO Check

Visit Seobility SEO Checker Tool

SEO Check tool by Seobility is a wonderful tool, It analyzes your website’s SEO and Page structure, and also provides the knowledge of backlinks. It also tells you, how you can improve the SEO of your website. So overall it’s a great tool to analyze your website and SEO.

So these were the tools that could help you to check your website performance in search engines. I hope you must have found them valuable for you. If you know any more SEO Check and Website Analysis tools, you are welcome to share those with us, We would love to feature them in our article or somewhere on our website.

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