5 Best Online Image Compressors to Reduce the Size of Heavy Images without Compromising with the Quality

5 Best Online Image Compressors to Reduce the Size of Heavy Images without Compromising with the Quality

Heavy-sized photos become a problem when it comes to using them on a web page, they make work progress very slow for everyone, including web professionals, photographers, and bloggers. Heavy-sized images are time-consuming both sides while uploading and as well while loading on a web page. But if there is a problem, then there is a solution too for that.

So today, based on my personal experience and research, I am going to acquaint you with the 5 amazing online image compressors that can help you to reduce the size of your heavy images but not the quality.

#1: TinyPNG

TinyPNG is at the top, based on its best performance. It gave me a 71% reduction in size per image. TinyPNG works with both JPG and PNG image formats, very easy to operate (just drag and drop), and you can upload up to 20 images at once with 5MB size each. To compress 5MB+ images, you will have to purchase their premium plan, which costs nothing but $25 a year. And one more good thing that I realized in TinyPNG is they are not displaying any ads on their web page (at least so far), so it’s kind of disturbance-free surrounding.

Visit TinyPNG Website

#2: ImageResize.org

ImageResize.org is another great web tool to compress and optimize heavy images. Just like TinyPNG, it also provides drag and drop feature, and you can upload and optimize up to 20 images in that at once. And Moreover, Unlike TinyPNG, it can reduce the size of much heavier images like 20 MB and plus. I tried a JPG image of 20.46MB, that it reduced to 6.62 MB, so total 67% reduction in size, that is immense. The only drawback I found is they display ads (near the drag and drop box), so it’s kind of an uncool surrounding.

Visit ImageResize.org

#3: iLoveIMG

iLoveIMG is another good image compressor just like the previous two, it has drag and drop feature, you can upload/optimize up to 15 images at once, it can optimize heavy images like 20 MB and plus (59% reduction was the compression result), and also you can insert images directly into uploader from Dropbox and Google Drive, which can be a good help for photographers I guess. And again the only uncool thing I found is, it displays ads near the uploader. But overall it is very good, you are going to love it.

Visit IloveIMG Website

#4: CompressJPEG and CompressPNG

CompressJPEG and CompressPNG are two sites for two different image formats, but both are from the same publisher. Both sites are easy to use, they have Drag and Drop Feature, you can upload/optimize up to 20 Images at once, you can optimize much heavy sized images like 20MB and plus (tested by me), and yes they display ads, so its one drawback. But overall these are very good.

Visit CompressJPEG and Visit CompressPNG

#5: Compressor.io

Compressor.io is a very good image optimizer. It has a friendly layout, it is ad-free (So no noisy surrounding), you can upload one image at a time, and maximum upload size limit is 10 MB. So the only drawback is, you can not upload and optimize multiple images at a time, which is kind of not good for professionals working with multiple images at a time. But the additional advantage that compressor.io provides unlike the others is you can optimize not only JPG/PNG images but also GIF and SVG images, so it’s very good.

Visit Compressor.io

Thanks for going through the complete article. I hope you must have found it quite useful for you. Good luck and use the image compressors.

And one thing more, if you know any better online image compressor, get me acquainted with that, I would love to include it here or at least somewhere in the website.

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