5 Amazing Web Platforms to Check Your Website’s Responsiveness

5 Amazing Web Platforms to Check Your Website’s Responsiveness

In today’s time, everybody carries a smartphone and can easily check the responsiveness of a website in any of the browsers available in the smartphone (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera or a default one). But still, sometimes just to make a double check or in a situation when the smartphone isn’t working, we might need the help of responsiveness checker tools online.

So there are many tools you can find on Google, which can help you to test your website’s responsiveness, but not all are that good, some responsive checker tools are buggy, some are slow and some just don’t meet your expectations. So that’s why I am sharing here the information with you, regarding the best responsive checker tools, that are fast, easy, smooth functioning and personally tested by me. So that way you can easily do the mobile-friendly test of your website with lesser efforts, no flaws and no stress.

So here are those 6 amazing web platforms to have a responsive test of your websites as of today:-

1. Responsinator

Responsinator as one of the most popular responsiveness checker for websites because of its simplicity, clean layout, and smooth functioning. Just go on the website, enter your website URL and click on the “Go” button, and it will display your website on the different mobile screens.

(Responsinator – Visit Website)

2. IsResponsive

It is another simple and easy tool to do your website’s mobile-friendly test. It shows your website on one screen at a time and provides you the drop-down option to switch the screens.

IsResponsive – Visit Website

3. ResponsiveTestTool

Simple, Effective and Very Cool. ResponsiveTestTool Provides multiple screen choices from small (Smartphones) to big (PC Monitors).

ResponsiveTestTool – Visit Website

4. WebsitePlanet – Responsive Checker Tool

A very good tool to do your website’s mobile-friendly test, only annoying part is when you check a website multiple times or multiple websites it asks for Google Security check each time, which is kind of not needed as it, not a registration form or contact form. But still, it works cool and you must try it.

WebsitePlanet Responsive checker tool – Visit Website

5. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

Works well but not many screen options. I always check my website or websites I develop for my customers in Google’s mobile-friendly tool, it provides me the confidence and a good feeling.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool – Visit Website
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