WordCounter.io, A Multi-Functional Writing App

WordCounter.io, A Multi-Functional Writing App


WordCounter.io is a prominent tool for counting the words and characters of a piece of writing, and with the new feature they added recently, it has also started checking the grammatical errors.

Features of WordCounter.io

These features are well noted and used by us, we have a pretty good experience of using wordcounter, and it’s kind of a regularly used tool for us.

  1. It counts words, and characters, and also checks grammar
  2. It tells you the characters limit for Facebook (Ad or Links), Twitter (Tweet), and Google (Ads).
  3. You can save your piece of writing
  4. You can clear all the text with a single click of a button
  5. It’s fast!

How We Use WordCounter.Io and What We Say about It

We use Wordcounter.io All the time. Google’s title character limit is 60, and we use only WordCounter.Io for checking this. One more reason for using it so regularly is that it is very fast!

We liked WordCounter.io very much, and we clearly explained its features and the reasons why we use it, being very unbiased. Now you must understand your own requirements, and if you feel that the tool can be a value addition for you, then just go for it.

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