Smart Upscaler, Fast & Easy Image Enlargements

Smart Upscaler, Fast & Easy Image Enlargements

About Smart Upscaler

Smart Upscaler is simply an image enlarger and for that, it uses an AI tech which also helps in enhancing the quality of images by sharpening them. Smart upscaler is created by Icons8.

It can enlarge images up to the size of double (2x) and four-fold (4x), imagine that you have a small image with a size of 100×100 (pixels), and then using that smart upscaler you can easily enlarge it up to 400×400. Pretty Amazing! isn’t?

Extra Note – It’s quite fast!

How Smart Upscaler Works?

It does the job in simple and easy 4 steps

  1. Go to Smart Upscaler Page
  2. Upload or Drag & Drop Your Small Image
  3. Select the option 2x (default) or 4x
  4. Wait for conversion (1 to 5 seconds) and download the image

Final Remarks

Image enlargement is a very small task, and it should be happening very fast, and doing it through a full-fledged graphic software or a site that asks for a user registration can cause delay and inconvenience but with smart upscaler one can get it done fast and easy (without any user registration).