Pearlii, an AI App for Fast & Free Dental Checkup

Pearlii, an AI App for Fast & Free Dental Checkup

About Pearlii

Pearlii is a dental smartphone app that uses AI to scan photos of your teeth taken by your smartphone camera, and detects the possible problems with your teeth (such as tooth decay, calculus, and gingivitis), and also provides the valuable recommendations for the same problems.

The App is totally free and fast-responsive, and so far it’s available on Android only. Note that, The Prealii App is in Beta Mode, so you might face disruptions or slowness while using the app, and generally relaunching the app or wait will fix them.

How Pearlii App Works?

It’s quite simple, go through with these 6 steps and you can see the report

  1. Step 1: Download & Install the App
  2. Step 2: Create An Account, and Confirm it.
  3. Step 3: Start with any of the Option – Front Teeth, Lower Teeth, or the Upper Teeth, but one by one use all of them
  4. Step 4: Stand in front of a mirror, Open Camera (it will open the backside camera), turn the camera with hand in front of the teeth, snap the picture with single click, and proceed…
  5. Step 5: Submit for Checkup (After used all the options)
  6. Step 6: See Results

Our Experience and Opinion About Pearlii

We had an amazing experience, we tested it thoroughly and our teeth had no problems yet we were able to take and complete the dental checkup very easily.

As of today, the time is very sorrowful for the world, most of the areas are under lock-down because of Corona Pandemic, so going outdoors for an ordinary dental checkup might not possible or might be very expensive, so in such a case giving a try to this dental screening app might happen to be a good choice.

Download Pearlii and Learn More About it

Download Pearlii Here (It will take you to Google’s Play Store) and to learn more about this App visit its website – Pearlii.