Notion workspace – a very interactive task management app

Notion workspace – a very interactive task management app

A Little about Notion Workspace

Notion Workspace or call it Notion, it’s simply a task management app that comes with a few extra options, and better features, and also with a simple interface which can be handled quite easily. On Notion, you can create and assign tasks, and similarly you can also create a database (you can use it for anything either for storing information, or customer data or whatever you want). Notion has named them as tasks, wikis, notes, etc., but they all use the same content management format, and actually, it’s the content management format which is the core soul of this beautiful task management app.

Highlights of the App

This is what we noted good in the app! See below –

  1. It available on iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android
  2. 5 types of Interfaces to manage tasks, or notes or data
    1. Board View
    2. Table Format
    3. Calendar Format
    4. List Format
    5. Gallery Format
  3. Content Management System – you can add text, links, headings, images, videos, audio, tables, quotes, lists, to-do lists, bookmarks, maps, drive documents, pdfs, codes and a lot more. It’s quite the freedom to add any kind of data.
  4. Pre-made templates, for the ones who find themselves stuck.

What We Think

It’s simple and almost complete. We had a good feeling while using it, and we believe you might like it too!

From where to Download

Go to and you will find a download page there.