Grammarly, It’s One of the Best Writing Assistant Apps We Have Today

Grammarly, It’s One of the Best Writing Assistant Apps We Have Today

About Grammarly

Grammarly is a Free Writing Assistant App that helps in checking the English language errors while you write, these errors can be related to spelling or grammar. Not only it evaluates the language while you write but it also provides suggestions for a better tone of the article or story.

What makes Grammarly so important

One might be well educated in English, but when it comes about writing a story or say an article especially on a website or some online platform, there is always a chance of happening of inaccuracy in writing (unknowingly), it can be related to vocabulary or maybe with the grammar, and for such scenarios, Grammarly helps the best.

When Grammarly is installed and active on your browser or system, it detects those mistakes and tells you, and that way you publish a very good piece of writing by escaping those unknowingly occurred mistakes.

Grammarly Features

  • A Clean and Distraction-Free Interface
  • Interactive and Communicative (Grammar check, spell check, suggestions, writing score, and much more…)
  • Write like a pro, supports font styling options now (Bold, Italic, Underline, Heading Tags, Linking, or Add a List ). It’s a newly added feature.
  • Save the document automatically while you write.

How to Use Grammarly

At first, Grammarly used to evaluate the writing through their site or tool only, but now with the time, it has evolved to a new level. You can download Grammarly for Windows, MS Office, iOS (Grammarly Keyboard) or use the Grammarly Chrome Extension.

I use chrome extension of Grammarly which checks and helps me to correct all the errors I make while writing on any website or on my wordpress blogs, even when writing the emails (I use Gmail mostly).

Document Writing Interface, Something We liked the Most

Now this is something I am very impressed of and I adore it (Never seen something like that before), it’s about their document writing interface. When you create an account on Grammarly it provides you a dashboard where you can create and save your documents and the interface of that document writing area is just wow and overwhelming impressive, and I am a big fan of that illustrative and lively character, it animates and leaves expressions when you write very correctly in a good tone.

Final Remarks

We personally found Grammarly very reliable, accurate and helping. If you are a writer or about to become a writer, then we suggest you this writing assistant app, it will not only help in catching and fixing those mistakes but you will also learn not to repeat those mistakes.

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