Backlink Checker by Ahrefs, A Reliable Tool for Backlinks Count

Backlink Checker by Ahrefs, A Reliable Tool for Backlinks Count

Backlinks, why they are important

In case you know a little or do not know about backlinks – The Backlinks play a critical role in boosting the site rankings up in the search engines, and a site with better backlinks (plus original content, it’s new 🙂 Thanks Google) will always outrank its competitors. There are a lot of tools available on the internet to check the backlinks count of a website and Ahrefs is the one leading in front, followed by rest. Note, if the backlinks are more natural (praising your service or product), they affect more good!

Backlink Checker by Ahrefs

It’s a backlinks check tool with URL input bar, and a hit button to initiate the progress.

  • Enter your website in the URL bar, and hit the button.
  • It will ask a robot check confirmation, proceed…
  • and it will show you almost the exact numbers of backlinks your site has. It’s that simple.

The tool comes in both versions, free and premium. The free version itself is very good.

Our Experience

We use it many times and this is because the backlinks checking process is quite simple and satisfactory in a distraction-free environment (no ads). We also believe in its accuracy.

How to access

The easiest way to access this is through Google Search, type Backlinks Checker Ahrefs in Google and it will provide you the exact spot. Or Go Here Free Backlinks Checker by Ahrefs here.

When to use premium version

If your site has a large number of backlinks, may be like 100+ or 500+, and you wish to know about each backlink’s source point, then we believe you will have to opt for their premium version.

Final Words

We do not provide outrageous opinions to tamper the reader’s psychology. We had a nice experience with Ahref’s free version of backlinks checker, and that is why we had our opinion about it, but it’s your own choice to use their free or premium version of this tool without getting affected by our opinion.

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