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About Us

CreativeCodecraft is a reformed entity with more strong will and abilities to support the internet, people and organizations.

We mainly provides services for creative design, websites and seo. We are also planning to provide resources that will able to ease out the working on websites for people. We like, live and think only about technology, and we try to enhance it, improve it for the betterment of people and businesses.

Behind CreativeCodecraft

Launched this year 2018, CreativeCodecraft is curated by Raj Kumar, professionally a programmer plus designer with 7+ years experience. If you look for a job (Freelance or Full-Time) at CreativeCodecraft, send your resume with portfolio to

Expertise Mixture in Softwares and Programming

Almost everything we care about, from fixing a very small website issue to solving complex problems and from changing simple colors to their full brand designing.


Wordpress Themes, Plugins, Theme Customizations, Landing Pages in Wp, PSD to Wordpress and Support


All kind of Frontend HTML, Html Sites, PSD to HTML, Landing Pages etc.


CSS styling for html sites, wordpress themes, in existing exclusive sites and in all sites supporting css.


Sliders, Menu, Transition Effects, Form Validations, tabs, sticky header and more (Everywhere it is usuable).


For creating and modifying the databases in wordpress and php sites.


In Wordpress, Php Sites, Contact Forms, Database sites and in Other forms.


Defines content more exclusively and clearly with extending the current Html. Rest is secret! ;)


I am already using it in all current sites. More advance version of html 5 is only used as per demand.


CSS 3 is just a new edition of codes such as creating round corners, transition, transform effect etc.

Photoshop (PSD)

Logo Design, Banner Design, Poster Design, Icon Design and other web graphics.

Illustrator (AI & EPS)

For creating vectors and editing existing vectors. Use it rarely!

Gif Animation

I do create Animated Gif Banners, Animated Images etc!

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